Veteran Profiles

Stan Giles

Air Force

Viet Nam Veteran, Stan Giles, E4 - Sgt., served two years in Misawa, Japan, and one and a half years in Brindisi, Italy.  Sgt. Giles was with the United States Air Force Security Service.  His job was Morse Intercept operated and direction finding.

The United States Air Force Security Service (often abbreviated USAFSS) was essentially the United States Air Force's cryptographic intelligence / Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) branch; its motto was Freedom through Vigilance.  It was created in October 1948 and operated until 1979, when the branch was re-designated the, Electronic Security Command.  It was later re-designated,  Air Force Intelligence Command, Air Intelligence Agency,  Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, and is currently designated as the  Twenty-Fifth Air Force (25 AF).  

Composed primarily of airmen culled from the cream of the Air Force's enlisted recruits (the top 1/2 of 1 percent), the USAFSS was a secretive and tight-knit branch of Air Force cold warriors tasked with monitoring, collecting and interpreting military voice and electronic signals of countries of interest.  USAFSS intelligence was often analyzed in the field and the results transmitted to the National Security Agency for further analysis and distribution to other intelligence recipients.

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