Veteran Profiles

Robert Carl Richards


Robert "Bob" Richards joined the Ohio National Guard along with a couple buddies and his brother in 1938 as a means of not getting drafted but that plan was put to grief when the Ohio Guard was one of the first called up by President Roosevelt later that year. After training at Fr. Leonard Wood - Bob was off to Southern California for desert training - transferred into the newly established Army Air Corp due to less marching and was sent to North Africa in 1940. From 1941 on stationed in various "fields" throughout England - Bob was a Crew Chief with the 356 Troop Carriers and spend the rest of the war flying paratroopers and gliders into France and other venues on the continent. On D-Day Bob's unit flew several times into the San Mere Eglise area of Normandy with paratroopers and gliders and later in the war flew troopers and gliders into Belgium and the Netherlands in Montgomery's ill fated Market Garden Operation. Bob was honorably discharged from the Army in October 1945 and went on to teach school for 50 years. As it say's on a memorial plaque outside the Air Force Museum in Kettering Ohio the men of his unit served their country well in war and peace.

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